At Fertility Center of San Antonio, we understand how emotionally taxing the in vitro fertilization, or IVF, process can be for our patients. Every stage of IVF can bring a mixture of anticipation, anxiety, hope, and fear. This is particularly true of the first ultrasound after patients have received a positive pregnancy test during IVF treatment. This all-important ultrasound will confirm whether the pregnancy is proceeding normally. Days can feel like months as patients wait for the period to pass between scheduling that first ultrasound and the date that ultrasound actually occurs.

Our renowned fertility specialists discuss IVF and the ultrasound schedule with patients during their initial consultations at our San Antonio, TX fertility clinic so that they will know exactly what to expect in advance of treatment. While it is impossible to impart precisely how nerve-wracking waiting for that first ultrasound can be, it is equally difficult to put into words the joy that patients feel when they are met with the good news that their pregnancy is developing as hoped.

Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to any fertility treatments. What we can assure you is that, as a patient of Fertility Center of San Antonio, you can expect to be treated with the greatest compassion and professionalism at every stage of your IVF treatment. Please schedule your initial consultation today to learn more.

The IVF Ultrasound Timeline

Generally, the first ultrasound is scheduled at about four to five weeks after embryo transfer, which would be about the sixth or seventh week of pregnancy. We would make an exception and perform the ultrasound earlier if we suspect an ectopic pregnancy, in which the pregnancy occurs outside the uterus. In such cases, we would schedule the ultrasound to take place about three-and-a-half weeks after embryo transfer.

The reason we schedule the ultrasound at approximately the sixth week of pregnancy is that this is the time we are able to dependably detect a fetal heartbeat. This is also the point at which we can determine whether the pregnancy is single or multiple and assess other signs that tell us whether the pregnancy is developing normally. If any problems are present, we should be able to diagnose them with some degree of certainty.

After this first ultrasound scan, we will schedule further ultrasounds. These ultrasounds will be performed at approximately week eight to nine of pregnancy and then again at week 12. All ultrasounds will be performed vaginally in order to obtain the clearest, most accurate images. Vaginal ultrasounds are completely safe and will not harm the fetus in any way. These ultrasounds are important parts of the fertility treatment process, as we want to identify and act upon any potential problems with the pregnancy as quickly as possible.

Learn More about the IVF Ultrasound Schedule

If you would like to learn more about the IVF ultrasound schedule, or you wish to schedule your initial consultation, please contact Fertility Center of San Antonio today.