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WINFertility Treatment Program

Now, patients without fertility coverage or those who have exhausted their coverage can take advantage of our new affiliation with WINFertility!

WINFertility is the only Infertility Management Services Company that contracts directly with drug manufacturers, specialty pharmacies, genetic testing labs and fellowship-trained Fertility Specialists on a large scale that covers thousands of patients annually.

Now available through the Fertility Center of San Antonio, we are able to pass along the volume discount savings directly to patients in the form of single, discounted packages we call ‘bundles’. Even if patients require more than one cycle, our WINFertility Treatment Program bundles are usually less expensive and definitely more convenient!

High-quality infertility care at the most competitive cost including:

  • Savings of up to 40% on Treatment, Genetics Testing and Medication Bundles
  • No age or clinical criteria required to participate
  • 24/7 Access to FertilityCoachSMNurses
  • Financing Options to Pay Over Time

View and download our WINFertility Brochure (English)

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View and download our WINFertility Brochure (Spanish)

To enroll in the WINFertility Program or learn more, call toll free 
(855) 705-4483 (4IVF) or View our FCSA Clinic Profile Page