Fertility Treatment

Methods of Tracking Ovulation

From the time people reach their teens, most of the sex education they receive is focused on preventing pregnancy. With this background, many people assume that it is far easier to get pregnant than it is to avoid pregnancy. In reality, there is only a small window each month in which a woman is fertile. At the Fertility Center of San Antonio, we offer a wide range of infertility treatments to address common fertility problems. However, before our San Antonio, TX, patients get to this point, they may want to consider ovulation tracking. Tracking ovulation allows women to identify when they are most

Embryo Options after IVF

EMBRYO OPTIONS AFTER IVF - SAN ANTONIO, TX When it comes to helping couples experience the joys of parenthood, in vitro fertilization (IVF) remains the most popular procedure to treat male and female infertility. Dr. Joseph E. Martin and our team has helped countless people in the greater San Antonio, TX area become pregnant despite various medical conditions and circumstances. Of course, successful IVF treatment does lead to some unexpected choices patients may not have considered. With that in mind, we at the Fertility Center of San Antonio would like to discuss leftover embryos following IVF and what can be done with

Most Common Causes of Male Fertility Problems

CAUSES OF MALE INFERTILITY - SAN ANTONIO, TX Male fertility problems account for roughly one-third of all fertility specialist visits. Given these realities, the Fertility Center of San Antonio offers state-of-the-art infertility treatments to address male fertility problems. Dr. Joseph E. Martin and his team will work with all of our patients to ensure they receive the custom treatment and compassionate care they deserve. The team at our San Antonio, TX fertility clinic would like to go over some of the most common causes of male infertility. This will let you know how what smuggles you may be facing. We would be

Hormone Replacement Therapy Side Effects

HRT SIDE EFFECTS – SAN ANTONIO, TX Hormones play a huge role in regulating the reproductive system and ensuring that everything is functioning as it should. If there is even a small imbalance in hormone levels, fertility can be affected. At Fertility Center of San Antonio, we offer hormone replacement therapy to replenish low levels of hormones and restore the appropriate balance. Hormone replacement therapy can significantly increase a woman’s chance of conceiving naturally. This therapy is a great treatment option for many patients, but women should be aware that it can result in side effects. The side effects experienced

Fatigue After IVF: Information for Fertility Treatment Patients

FATIGUE AFTER IVF - SAN ANTONIO, TX The team at the Fertility Center of San Antonio have helped many patients over the years through in vitro fertilization (IVF). It's one of the most popular and effective options available for couples and individuals who would like to start their own families. Like any sort of medical procedure, IVF has certain side effects associated with it as part of treatment. Fatigue is one of these side effects. Let's cover some of the basics of IVF and then explore why fatigue tends to affect women who undergo the procedure. About the In Vitro

The Success Rates of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

SAN ANTONIO IVF SUCCESS RATES At the Fertility Center of San Antonio, we are pleased to offer advanced fertility treatments that help people start the families that they have always wanted. In particular, in vitro fertilization (IVF) has proven an effective fertility treatment option for many couples and individuals dealing with male issue fertility and female infertility matters. We receive a number of questions about the success rates for IVF, so we'd like to cover these topics in brief right now. General Success Rates of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) While numbers can vary from study to study, the general success rates

Good Candidates for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IN VITRO FERTILIZATION (IVF) SAN ANTONIO, TX Starting the family of your dreams can be easier said than done. Issues related to male infertility and female infertility can make natural conception very difficult for a number of people. Thankfully there are a number of different fertility options to consider that can make starting a family a reality for you. One of the most popular options in assisted reproduction is in vitro fertilization, which you may know better as IVF. We'd like to take a moment right now to go over the basics of IVF treatment and who would best benefit from

Reproductive Medicine – Technology Corner

REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE TECHNOLOGY SAN ANTONIO Reproductive medicine continues to evolve and improve over time. This is simply part of the nature of progress, and it's been helping people start the family of their dreams for years and years. Our fertility center is pleased to use some of the latest advances in reproductive medicine to make people's dreams of parenthood come true. Right now, we want to cover a few of these technological advances so that you understand what they entail and what they can do for you. As you are about to see, these advances improve the effectiveness of reproductive medicine.

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