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Understanding Your Financing Options

Making decisions about your fertility treatment involves personal, emotional, and financial considerations. Depending on your family building plan, cost and uncertainty can be daunting. At Fertility Center of San Antonio, our financial specialists are available to help you understand all your financial options. We offer a range of options to help our patients afford care and achieve their family-building goals. To learn how we can help you afford care, contact us today to schedule your appointment.


How Much Will My Fertility Treatment Cost?

We understand that cost is an important factor when choosing the right fertility treatment for your family planning needs. The cost of fertility treatments can vary greatly depending on your reason for infertility, your individual treatment plan, your insurance coverage, and other factors. Once you have determined your treatment options with our fertility specialists, our financial team will work with you to determine your health plan benefits and can help guide you through other financial options to afford care.

Navigating Insurance Coverage

Depending on your health plan, your insurance coverage may include fertility benefits that can be applied toward some or all of your fertility testing and treatment. Fertility Center of San Antonio contracts with most major group health plans (PPO) and we will work with you to help you maximize your benefits. To determine your insurance benefits:

  • Contact the customer service number listed on your health benefit card
  • Ask for an explanation of coverage for fertility testing and infertility treatment
  • You may also wish to inquire about your medication benefits

Keep in mind that after a claim is submitted, some plans may reduce fees based on eligibility, benefits and coverage. Any copays, coinsurance, deductibles, and other patient portions will be collected at the time of service.

If you do not have benefits for infertility treatment, you may have the option to add the coverage during your plan’s open enrollment period. Ask your health plan’s customer service representative for details.

Financing Options and Discounts

Since many patients are without health insurance coverage for infertility treatment, we provide a range of options to help all our patients afford care. To find out more about your financial options, schedule your appointment today.


Payment Plans

We offer extended payment plan options with manageable monthly installments through our partnerships with Prosper Healthcare Lending and Lending Club Patient Solutions.

Fertility Benefits Solutions

Patients without fertility insurance coverage (or those who have exhausted their benefits) can take advantage of Fertility Center of San Antonio’s affiliation with WINFertility, a leader in family-building benefit solutions for employers, health plans and individual patients.

Some companies offer additional fertility benefits solutions, such as Progyny, to complement their overall medical insurance plans. Fertility Center of San Antonio also partners with Progyny to provide our patients with comprehensive care.

Medication Savings Programs

Many patients can access cost savings through medication assistance programs to help make fertility expenses more affordable. At Fertility Center of San Antonio, our financial experts can help you explore options to reduce the cost of medications needed for your fertility treatment.

Precision IVF Refund Program

To help more women and couples build their families and afford IVF, the Fertility Center of San Antonio is proud to offer our Precision IVF Refund Program. This program is designed to help patients save money and time while maximizing the chances of having a healthy baby with IVF.

Discount Pricing

Active-Duty Military: Fertility Center of San Antonio is proud to honor our active-duty military with special discounted pricing.

Oncofertility Patients: In addition to medication savings through the Livestrong Fertility program, Fertility Center of San Antonio partners with Livestrong Cancer Charities to provide essential fertility preservation options and special discounted rates for oncofertility patients.


To find out if you are eligible for these payment plans, financing options, and discounts, schedule your appointment with our experienced fertility specialists today.