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Preparing for IVF Treatment

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an infertility treatment that involves three basic phases: pre-treatment, treatment, and post-treatment. When preparing for IVF treatment, the skilled doctors at Fertility Center of San Antonio, TX, will advise you on some basic strategies to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy. To learn more about how you can best prepare for IVF treatment, schedule a personal consultation.

Basic Steps to Prepare for Treatment

If you will be undergoing IVF treatment, you should maintain good overall health as a general rule. Additionally, there are several basic lifestyle habits you should adopt to improve your chances of success. Please note that many of these recommendations also apply to male partners, since they can help to ensure healthy sperm.

Maintain a Healthy Diet and Weight

A healthy diet that consists primarily of vegetables, fruits, and low-fat proteins can improve fertility and contribute to a successful pregnancy. Furthermore, patients who are significantly overweight may find it more difficult to conceive. Studies published by the National Institute of Health show that obesity contributes to anovulation and menstrual irregularities, a reduced response to fertility treatment, and a greater occurrence of infertility.

Quit Smoking and Avoid Alcohol Use

Whether or not they are receiving fertility treatment, women who are pregnant or who wish to become pregnant should not use tobacco in any form. Patients should also not use alcohol excessively during pre-treatment, and avoid it completely during pregnancy. Both alcohol and tobacco use have been proven to increase a patient’s chances of birth and pregnancy complications, as well as infertility.

Use Daily Vitamins

Although vitamins should not be taken in lieu of a healthy diet, they can act as a great supplement. To help ensure they are receiving necessary nutrients, we advise IVF patients to begin taking a daily vitamin. Vitamins rich in folic acids, for example, have been shown to increase fertility.

Limit Caffeine Intake

Although the link between caffeine intake and infertility is currently unclear, we urge our patients to limit their caffeine intake as a precaution.

Psychological Preparation

We understand that IVF treatment is a delicate subject. When treatment is unsuccessful, patients who are seeking parenthood can often experience a significant psychological toll. This can impact their health, well-being, and relationships with others. As a result, we urge our patients to emotionally prepare for fertility treatment, in addition to physical considerations. In order to emotionally prepare for treatment, many patients seek support from family, friends, or medical and psychiatric professionals.

Because gender selection is also possible when you undergo IVF, it is important for you and your partner to consider whether this is an option you wish to consider.

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At Fertility Center of San Antonio, we provide state-of-the-art therapy in a supportive environment. Our compassionate staff members combine extensive experience and individual strengths that are woven into a cohesive care-giving unit. By following instructions from your doctor during pre-treatment, you can actively increase your chances of becoming pregnant. During a personal consultation, our experienced doctors will review your health and provide detailed instructions based on your unique lifestyle factors. To learn more about how you can prepare for IVF treatment, schedule an appointment at the Fertility Center of San Antonio today.