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Fertility Specialists in San Antonio, Texas

With some of the highest success rates, the Fertility Center of San Antonio has continued to help couples struggling with infertility issues for more than 30 years. Our team of doctors and long-standing staff combine their impressive experience with innovative science and technology, offering a comfortable, private atmosphere and personalized treatment to all of our patients.

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Nature's IVF

The Nature’s IVF™ procedure, utilizing INVOcell™ technology, is a process in which the incubation period of embryo development takes place inside the vagina instead of a laboratory incubator.

The First Treatment of Its Kind

The Nature’s IVF™ procedure is a treatment in which an intravaginal culture (IVC) system is inserted into the vagina, allowing the woman’s body to support fertilization through natural temperature regulation, oxygen ratios, and pH balance.

Unifvy Pre IVF

To support our patients with the best technology, the Fertility Center of San Antonio offers our patients their personalized Univfy PreIVF Report free of charge so that you can make confident decisions about your treatment.

Know your chances of success

We understand that making the decision to do IVF is stressful when you don’t know your personal chances of conceiving with treatment. The Univfy PreIVF Report analyzes your comprehensive health data to make more accurate predictions of success.

Precision IVF Refund Program

To help more women and couples build their families and afford IVF, the Fertility Center of San Antonio is proud to offer our “Precision IVF” Refund Program as an option to aid most of our patients.

Patient Financial Aid

IVF is the most effective fertility treatment for most women, but the cost and the uncertainty of outcome can be daunting for many patients. This program is designed to help you save money and time while maximizing your chances of having a healthy baby with IVF.

Egg Donation

For women who have struggled to become pregnant because of premature menopause, genetic disorders, or poor quality eggs, egg donation can help to facilitate conception. Become an egg donor today.

Egg Donation Can Help Couples Achieve a Healthy Pregnancy

Egg donation provides couples struggling with infertility the opportunity to conceive or achieve a healthy pregnancy with a surrogate. At Fertility Center of San Antonio, we thoroughly vet the donor and recipient to ensure a healthy match.

Private Care in a Compassionate Setting

Our high morale and positive energy can be felt as soon as you first walk into our office. We understand that for many couples, the issue of infertility is a sensitive one. Aside from offering highly-successful treatment, we also strive to make every patient physically and emotionally comfortable throughout the entire process.

Our large office is designed to provide a private setting separated from other areas around it. It offers convenient covered parking with plenty of spaces and access for disabled patients. The warm, clean, inviting atmosphere of our office will make you feel right at home, with Wi-Fi access and music available in the waiting room.


Our Mission

Our founding principal and continuing mission is to provide state-of-the-art therapy for our patients in a supportive, cost-effective setting. Our team members bring extensive experience and individual strengths that are woven into a cohesive, care-giving unit, unique to San Antonio and Texas.