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At the Fertility Center of San Antonio, we are taking the steps to make sure that we continue to provide you with the highest standards of fertility treatment, while keeping not only your health and safety, but everyone’s, as our top priority:

  • Conference rooms and exam rooms are sanitized by staff after every patient encounter. The waiting room is sanitized twice daily
  • All linens, drapes, and devices are used only once and are discarded or disinfected between patients when reusable.
  • Fertility consults may be conducted through a tele-med visit
  • We are asking patients to check-in and then wait outside or in your car until we text you for your appointment
  • We ask that you please do not bring anyone with you to appointments (spouses, children, etc.). We know this may be extremely difficult, but minimizing the risk of exposure is extremely important right now
  • Please forgive us for not shaking hands or hugging. Supporting you is an essential part of patient care, but for now, we have to reduce physical contact

We need to help hundreds of people get pregnant and you can help. We need you at 100%. If you have even a sniffle, please stay home. If you feel fantastic, but someone you have close contact with has experienced flu-like symptoms, please refrain from coming in. You will not be charged a cancelation fee. We would rather be over cautious and keep everyone safe.

  • If you’ve had exposure to COVID-19 or know anyone who has, we’ll stop treatment immediately.
  • If you have traveled to a high-risk area in the last two weeks (please see CDC website for high-risk areas), please arrange for a tele-med visit or reschedule your appointment.

If you are in an IVF stimulation cycle and you become exposed to COVID-19 per the guidance established by local and national agencies, we may be required to cancel your IVF cycle. We know how difficult this can be. To help you as much as we can in this event, we will credit our services of your IVF cycle, for a later date.

Right now, much is unknown about COVID-19 and pregnancy. We do know, however, that because pregnant women experience changes in their bodies that may increase their risk of some infections so it’s important to take extra safety precautions. So far, there has been no known transmission of COVID-19 from mom to baby.

Our advice to patients is:

  • Stay healthy; wash your hands often and wash for at least 20 seconds, or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Embrace social distancing
  • Avoid others who are sick or have been sick
  • Avoid unnecessary and non-essential travel
  • Remain calm and optimistic; stay informed with verified news sources such as the CDC and WHO

You know as well as we do, that the global stimulation is changing by the minute. We’re not only looking to the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) for guidance, we also look to our colleagues and professional societies including, but not limited to, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), all of who are updating their recommendations rapidly.

Meet Our Doctors

The fertility doctors at the Fertility Center of San Antonio have over 37 years of experience treating a wide range of fertility issues. Dr. Martin, Dr. Neal, Dr. Retzloff, and Dr. Adams all proudly served our country and are all military veterans. Our doctors continue to study the latest technologies and techniques to bring our patients the highest quality reproductive assistance.

<b>Joseph E. Martin, M.D., FACOG</b>
Joseph E. Martin, M.D., FACOGPractice Director
<b>Gregory S. Neal, M.D., FACOG</b>
Gregory S. Neal, M.D., FACOGReproductive Endocrinologist
<b>Matthew G. Retzloff, M.D., FACOG</b>
Matthew G. Retzloff, M.D., FACOGReproductive Endocrinologist
<b>Dr. Jaye Adams, M.D, FACOG</b>
Dr. Jaye Adams, M.D, FACOGReproductive Endocrinologist