Female Infertility

Asherman Syndrome Treatment

ASHERMAN SYNDROME TREATMENT - SAN ANTONIO, TX Dr. Joseph E. Martin, Dr. Gregory S. Neal, Dr. Matthew G. Retzloff, and Dr. Jaye Adams are committed to providing state-of-the-art infertility treatment to people in the greater San Antonio, TX area. Whether it’s male infertility, female infertility, or an unknown reason preventing you from becoming pregnant, we will diagnose the issue and determine the ideal treatment or combination of treatments for your needs.Below, our fertility specialists would like to focus on the symptoms and treatment for Asherman Syndrome. Let’s start by covering the basics with regard to the causes of the condition.What Is Asherman Syndrome?Also

IVF After Tubal Ligation

IVF AFTER TUBAL LIGATION - SAN ANTONIO, TX Our team of San Antonio, TX fertility doctors have helped countless couples and individuals experience the joys of building a family. This commonly involves in vitro fertilization (IVF) for female infertility and male infertility. Assisted reproductive technology provides so many options for mothers and fathers, no matter what their current situation may entail. In fact, it can even circumvent certain types of birth control. Dr. Joseph E. Martin and his team would like to consider how IVF can be used to help women who’ve undergone tubal ligation become pregnant. This offers an option for

Menstrual Cycle Phases

MENSTRUAL CYCLE PHASES - SAN ANTONIO, TX Women should consider tracking their monthly cycle. It’s crucial if you’re trying to become pregnant, and knowing your body and its rhythms can be helpful in diagnosing general health problems. Even though our San Antonio, TX center offers state-of-the-art infertility treatments for men and women experiencing fertility problems, many treatments start with our specialists discussing a patient’s monthly cycle. Dr. Joseph E. Martin and the team at the Fertility Center of San Antonio would like to go over the different phases of a woman’s cycle below. This should help you understand timeframes, durations, and peak

Most Common Causes of Female Infertility

CAUSES OF FEMALE INFERTILITY - SAN ANTONIO, TX Infertility affects both men and women in relatively equally measure. Among fertility specialists, female infertility accounts for about one-third of all cases, with male infertility also counting for one-third of cases, and mixed male/female infertility causing the final third. When it comes to custom, state-of-the-art infertility treatment for men and women, we at the Fertility Center or San Antonio first consider the cause of infertility and how that can best be addressed. Dr. Joseph E. Martin and his fellow San Antonio, TX fertility doctors would like to go over some of the most common

Irregular Menstrual Cycles and Female Infertility

IRREGULAR PERIODS INFERTILITY - SAN ANTONIO, TX Most women have regular cycles that range from 26 days to 32 days; 28 days is the most common length. Some mild fluctuations in your cycle may occur, but generally, a regular cycle means a greater likelihood of getting pregnant through natural means. Problems with your cycle could result in various fertility issues. The team at The Fertility Center of San Antonio offers a whole host of infertility treatments designed to address female fertility problems. Let’s explore issues with female infertility in more detail, and offer some advice on dealing with irregular menstrual cycles.

What Is Secondary Infertility and Can It Be Treated?

SECONDARY INFERTILITY - SAN ANTONIO, TX The Fertility Center of San Antonio is committed to helping patients start families and build families. In order to do this, we make sure each patients undergoes a comprehensive exam and fertility evaluation. This process can help diagnose the cause of causes of infertility, which then determines the ideal fertility treatments to consider. Some patients who come to our practice had no problem having their first child but run into obstacles having a second baby. With that in mind, let's explore the issue of secondary infertility. About Secondary Infertility Secondary infertility refers to cases

Hormone Testing Helps Diagnose and Treat Infertility

HORMONE TESTING AND INFERTILITY - SAN ANTONIO, TX The Fertility Center of San Antonio always takes time to consider the causes of infertility before moving forward with treatment of any kind. We believe in thorough, state-of-the-art fertility evaluation techniques, which allow us to carefully tailor procedures to the needs of the patient. In a number of cases, hormone imbalances are a primary reason for infertility. Let's take a moment to consider what this means for patients. The Role of Hormones in Fertility Hormones are essential chemicals in the bloodstream that help regulate organ function and various systems of the body.

How Uterine Abnormalities Affect Fertility

FERTILITY AND UTERINE ABNORMALITIES SAN ANTONIO TX Patients can trust in our San Antonio fertility specialists to offer customized care. We take male and female fertility evaluation seriously, allowing us to pinpoint the exact cause or causes of infertility. This will then allow us to determine an optimal procedure to help achieve pregnancy. A number of women who've come to our practice have had issues with their uterine shape, anatomy, or lining. Let's explore this issue briefly. The Importance of Uterine Health Uterine health is crucial for successful pregnancy and having a child that is healthy. Issues with the shape and

Can Fibroids Cause Infertility?

FERTILITY AND FIBROIDS - SAN ANTONIO, TX At Fertility Center of San Antonio, our experienced fertility specialists offer a full range of infertility treatments designed to help couples realize their dreams of expanding their families through successful pregnancies. Essential to the success of these treatments is the accurate diagnosis of the factors contributing to a couple’s infertility whenever possible. This is why the Fertility Center of San Antonio uses only the most advanced technologies and techniques to test for fertility and identify possible issues that could be interfering with a couple’s ability to conceive. In performing fertility tests, we do

Looking at the Numbers: Male and Female Infertility Statistics

INFERTILITY STATISTICS - SAN ANTONIO, TX At the Fertility Center of San Antonio, we want to empower every patient who comes to visit us. We understand the frustrations and challenges of starting a family, which is why each fertility evaluation and consultation offers individualized consideration. We will tailor treatments to you in order to find smart solutions to any issues you face. It's encouraging for many men and women to learn that they are not alone in their struggles. With that in mind, let's considering some statistics on infertility that are pretty fascinating. These numbers offer insight into the causes if

Fertility and Endometriosis

FERTILITY AND ENDOMETRIOSIS - SAN ANTONIO, TX At Fertility Center of San Antonio, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of services to couples hoping to introduce a precious new life into this world. From state-of-the-art fertility evaluation services and patient education to intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) with some of the highest success rates in the nation, we offer couples true hope with a compassionate touch. Our warm, friendly fertility experts interact with patients on a personal level, guiding them through their journey toward parenthood with a level of understanding that is rare in any field

Female Infertility and Tubal Obstructions

FEMALE INFERTILITY AND TUBAL OBSTRUCTIONS At Fertility Center of San Antonio, diagnostic testing of possible underlying causes of infertility is one of the most important stages of the fertility evaluation process, along with taking thorough medical histories and performing comprehensive consultations. Our fertility specialists are careful to explore all possible causes of infertility, including both male factors and female factors. In many cases of infertility, multiple factors can be identified. The more factors that can be pinpointed, the more effective that the subsequent fertility treatment plan is likely to be. Approximately one-fifth of all cases of female infertility can be

Types of Ovulation Problems and Their Causes

TYPES OF OVULATION PROBLEMS - SAN ANTONIO, TX At Fertility Center of San Antonio, we meticulously evaluate our patients by taking a thorough health and lifestyle history and performing a full battery of diagnostic tests to determine possible sources of infertility before recommending infertility treatments. The comprehensiveness of the diagnostic process and the ability to pinpoint as many possible contributing infertility factors as possible are essential to successful fertility treatment. In large part, we attribute our exceptional success rates to our doctors’ commitment to this all-important diagnostic stage of treatment. Proper ovulation, the process by which the female partner’s ovaries

The Negative Impact of Smoking on Female Fertility

FEMALE FERTILITY AND SMOKING - SAN ANTONIO, TX When a woman is experiencing infertility, it is important to determine its causes. Our fertility specialists offer fertility evaluations to determine the most likely source of infertility. Then, we can customize a fertility treatment plan that will address those issues and offer the patient the best chance of successful treatment results. In some cases, there may be lifestyle choices that are impacting a woman’s fertility, and for these patients, making some healthy changes may be enough to improve fertility and increase the chance of a successful pregnancy. One habit that can significantly

Why Female Fertility Testing Is Crucial

FEMALE FERTILITY TESTING - SAN ANTONIO, TX The Fertility Center of San Antonio is well-equipped to help women and men who experience issues with fertility. In order to best meet the needs of patients, it's important that a fertility evaluation be performed to assess the cause(s) of infertility. This applies to both men and women who've had trouble conceiving naturally. Let's take a moment to focus on female infertility and the kinds of tests that may be performed. How Common Is Female Infertility? Female infertility accounts for roughly 33 percent of all cases of infertility seen by fertility doctors. The

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