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Explore Your Potential to Become Pregnant with an Evaluation of Ovarian Reserve

An evaluation of ovarian reserve, performed at our San Antonio fertility center, can provide valuable insight into your fertility. As a woman ages, her supply of eggs slowly declines until they are fully depleted at menopause. The term “ovarian reserve” describes your current supply of eggs, which steadily grows smaller with time. Although the ovaries are expected to age a certain way, they do not always behave as expected. The greater the supply of eggs, the greater your chances of reproducing. In some cases, the results of the evaluation will largely determine the chances of successful implantation and pregnancy. If you plan on seeking assisted fertility treatment, contact us today to schedule a visit with our highly-skilled experts.

Learning More about Your Treatment Plan

An evaluation of a woman’s ovarian reserve can provide good news or bad news. Normally, infertility can be treated with an appropriate plan. However, if your ovarian reserve is too low, then you may have to consider other options. While hormone treatments can improve your body’s potential to reproduce, there are no treatments that can replace the eggs that are no longer produced due to age.

The Evaluation Process

A woman’s age used to be the only way to determine her likely reproductive potential. However, age does not always tell a woman’s full biological story, and today’s technology allows for more comprehensive and accurate testing of your ovarian reserve. Innovative methods for ovarian reserve evaluation include:

  • A blood test to determine certain hormone levels, including FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), and anti mullerian (AMH).
  • An ultrasound of the ovaries to determine their volume and the number of each ovary’s antral follicles. Women with smaller ovaries may have a more difficult time responding well to assisted fertility treatments.

The type of test we recommend will depend on a variety of factors, including your age, budget, and plans for starting a family. We conduct a thorough consultation with you in order to gather this information. If you have questions about the consultation process, we have complied of answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Schedule a Consultation Today

We take great satisfaction in helping couples pinpoint and treat the reasons why they have been unable to conceive, and then consult with them to determine their exact needs and goals. Our office is fully equipped with an on-site diagnostics laboratory and our staff is highly trained, in addition to being compassionate and informative. If you would like to speak with us about your fertility analysis and treatment, schedule a consultation by calling or visiting the Fertility Center of San Antonio today.