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Nature’s IVF™

The Nature’s IVF™ procedure, utilizing INVOcell™ technology, is a process in which the incubation period of embryo development takes place inside the vagina instead of a laboratory incubator. This approach can help the right candidates to save time, money and allows for a more natural fertilization and embryo development when compared to conventional IVFOur doctors at the Fertility Center of San Antonio in San Antonio, TX, can help determine if this or another fertility treatment is the best way to help you grow your family.

The First Treatment of Its Kind

The Nature’s IVF™ procedure is a treatment in which an intravaginal culture (IVC) system is inserted into the vagina, allowing the woman’s body to support fertilization through natural temperature regulation, oxygen ratios, and pH balance. It is also approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). You may be a candidate for this approach if you plan to use your own eggs to carry a child to term yourself.

Once the specimen is inside the capsule, the device will be placed inside the vagina for incubation over a five-day period.

The Nature’s IVF™ Procedure

To begin the Nature’s IVF™ process, patients will undergo an ovarian stimulation cycle. Once the mature eggs are collected, they are allowed to naturally inseminate with sperm. These inseminated eggs will then be placed into the INVOcell™ device.

The plastic device is cylindrical, measuring approximately four centimeters long and three centimeters in diameter. Once the specimen is inside the capsule, the device will be placed inside the vagina for incubation over a five-day period. When the device is removed, one or two of the best quality embryos will be transferred into the woman’s uterus.

In a study published in 2016, the INVOcell™ technology resulted in a live birth rate of 55 percent among patients, while traditional IVF resulted in live birth in 60 percent of cases. When compared to intrauterine inseminations (IUI), the Nature’s IVF™ procedure has a pregnancy rate that is three to five times higher.

Cost Benefits of Nature’s IVF™

At the Fertility Center of San Antonio, our Nature’s IVF™ treatment costs $5900 per attempt. This includes procedures, monitoring, and the opportunity to freeze additional embryos. Medication and the the INVOcell device are an additional cost. Because this process allows us to forego expensive incubators and many lab fees, the cost is significantly lower than traditional IVF.

We believe in cost transparency, and there are no hidden fees. We offer numerous financing options at our practice to make this treatment affordable.

In addition to being affordable, the Nature’s IVF™ procedure is also comparatively time-efficient. When undergoing traditional IVF, patients must make several visits to the fertility clinic for various procedures such as drawing blood, checking hormone levels, and adjusting medications. The Nature’s IVF™ process requires fewer appointments.

Learn More about Nature’s IVF™

If you want to grow your family, but have been experiencing difficulty conceiving, our Nature’s IVF™ treatment may be a viable way to help you reach your goal. To find out if this option is right for you, schedule an appointment at the Fertility Center of San Antonio. You can call our office at (210) 692-0577 or send us a message online.

*INVOcell™ is a registered trademark of BioXcell, Inc. Visit the INVOcell website for more information.