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Your Nature’s IVF Pre-Cycle Evaluation

Our doctors in San Antonio, TX, can perform a Nature’s IVF™ pre-cycle evaluation for those wishing to expand their family at a lower cost and less of a time commitment than traditional IVF requires. Nature’s IVF (also known as INVOcell™) can provide a wealth of attractive advantages over traditional IVF, but we must first ensure that this relatively new FDA-approved fertility treatment is right for you.

The Importance of Pre-Cycle Testing

During your pre-cycle evaluation at our fertility center, our doctors will review your medical and family history with you in detail. In addition to determining your candidacy, these tests will also provide us with insight regarding the likelihood of success using this treatment.

Together, we can find the best way to help you conceive.

Five Tests

Your screening can consist of up to five tests:

  • Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH): An assessment of AMH levels provides us with an estimate of the woman’s egg supply. To obtain this information, we will need at least one, possibly two blood samples. Because women with excessively high or low egg counts are not candidates for Nature’s IVF, an antral follicle count (AFC) will also be performed so that the fertility specialist can accurately estimate the existing egg supply.
  • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG): During this test, contrast dye is injected through the cervix, and x-rays are taken to detect any issues with the fallopian tubes and uterus. A HSG will need to be completed once within a 12-month period prior to treatment.
  • Hysteroscopy: Women may be required to complete this test, which helps our doctors examine the inside of the uterus and identify any abnormalities.
  • Pelvic Sonogram: pelvic sonogram will evaluate the ovaries and uterus. In particular, the doctor will check for endometrial polypsfibroids, or ovarian cysts. These abnormalities can significantly reduce the likelihood of success through Nature’s IVF. Corrective surgery will be necessary if any problems are identified.
  • Semen Analysis: This test is performed for every patient at the Fertility Center of San Antonio. This detailed assessment measures a number of qualities, including the number of sperm (density), the volume of fluid, and sperm motility (how well the sperm cells move).

Interpreting the Results of Your Pre-Cycle Testing

After every necessary test is performed, one of our fertility specialists will explain your results. Patients often feel discouraged when they do not pass one or more of these required assessments. However, if you do not qualify for Nature’s IVF, you may be an excellent candidate for traditional IVF. No matter what challenges you face, we are here to help you through your journey. Together, we can find the best way to help you achieve your goal of parenthood.

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