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Univfy PreIVF Report

Learn more about your personal chances of success with the Univfy PreIVF Report

We understand that making the decision to do IVF is stressful when you don’t know your personal chances of conceiving with treatment. To support our patients with the best technology, the Fertility Center of San Antonio offers our patients their personalized Univfy PreIVF Report free of charge so that you can make confident decisions about your treatment.

The Univfy PreIVF Report is unique in that it analyzes your comprehensive health data to make more accurate predictions of success, specific to our clinic, instead of using single factors such as age, blood tests or national estimates. Univfy has shown that more patients have a higher probability of IVF success than previously thought.

Through predictive technology developed by Stanford researchers, Univfy uses a rigorous scientific process to custom-develop and validate a prediction model for our patients. The model analyzes many factors together, including your age, body mass index, ovarian test results, semen analysis and clinical diagnoses. Fertility treatment can be a long, emotional journey for many patients. Know your personal probability of success after one, two, and three cycles of IVF, and your financial options, so you can make confident decisions about what’s best for your situation.

The Fertility Center of San Antonio’s medical team will generate a personalized Univfy PreIVF Report after you have completed your diagnostic workup. We will review the report with you during your follow up phone consult or when you return for your follow up visit.

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