When a woman is experiencing infertility, it is important to determine its causes. Our fertility specialists offer fertility evaluations to determine the most likely source of infertility. Then, we can customize a fertility treatment plan that will address those issues and offer the patient the best chance of successful treatment results. In some cases, there may be lifestyle choices that are impacting a woman’s fertility, and for these patients, making some healthy changes may be enough to improve fertility and increase the chance of a successful pregnancy. One habit that can significantly impact a woman’s fertility is smoking. Our fertility doctors understand the link between female fertility and smoking and are happy to discuss with our San Antonio, TX patients the steps that can be taken in order to overcome these fertility obstacles.

Fertility and Smoking

The negative effects of smoking are numerous and range from cosmetic imperfections (bad skin, yellow teeth, brittle nails, etc.) to more serious health problems (emphysema, cancer, etc.). This should be enough to encourage any person to quit smoking, but this is a very difficult habit to break. Studies now show there is another reason for people, and women in particular, to give up this unhealthy habit. Research shows that smoking also has a significant impact on a woman’s fertility. Below are some of the most important findings when it comes to smoking and female fertility:

  • Smokers are nearly twice as likely to experience infertility as non-smokers
  • Women who smoke are 1.5 times more likely than non-smokers to take over a year to get pregnant
  • Females exposed to second-hand smoke are also more likely than non-smokers to take over a year to conceive
  • The more a woman smokes, the more likely it is that her fertility will be impacted
  • On average, women who smoke reach menopause earlier than those who do not smoke

Because smoking clearly has such an impact even on otherwise healthy women, it is easy to imagine how much smoking could complicate matters for patients who have other fertility issues present. The only good news in regards to the effects of smoking on infertility is that evidence shows that effects are reversible. If a woman quits smoking, then most of these effects should be reversed within a year.

Seeking Fertility Treatment

Female smokers who are having difficulty conceiving are encouraged to see a fertility specialist such as those at the Fertility Center of San Antonio. Our doctors can evaluate a woman’s fertility to determine if there are other problems, aside from smoking, that may be causing infertility. Based on our findings, our doctors offer an array of fertility treatments for both our male and female patients.

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