Male fertility problems account for roughly one-third of all fertility specialist visits. Given these realities, the Fertility Center of San Antonio offers state-of-the-art infertility treatments to address male fertility problems. Dr. Joseph E. Martin and his team will work with all of our patients to ensure they receive the custom treatment and compassionate care they deserve.

The team at our San Antonio, TX fertility clinic would like to go over some of the most common causes of male infertility. This will let you know how what smuggles you may be facing. We would be more than happy to talk about treatment options during a visit to our practice.

Low Sperm Count

When a man has a low sperm count, that reduces the chances of successful conception, sometimes drastically. In fact, there are times when a man has no sperm in their semen. This total lack of sperm is known as azoospermia. Azoospermia affects approximately 1 percent of all men.

Poor Sperm Motility

The count of your sperm isn’t the only important thing to consider. Sperm motility is also extremely important. This refers to your sperm’s ability to swim. Poor sperm motility makes it difficult for your sperm to reach a waiting egg.

Bad Sperm Quality

Sperm quality is also an important matter to consider. Abnormally shaped or formed sperm may not be able to reach an egg for fertilization. This means the sperm may have a malformed head, a short or long tail, and so forth. An abundance of lethargic or low-quality sperm could make the chances of pregnancy quite low.

Semen Problems

Some men have semen that is harmful to their own sperm. Keep in mind that semen is only about 1 percent sperm. The other 99 percent is comprised of various enzymes, proteins, and compounds. Sometimes health problems or proportions of the compounds in your semen could lead to issues with sperm quality.

Hormone Imbalances

Hormones keep the body’s many functions properly regulated, which includes sperm production and sperm health. Imbalances with testosterone and other hormones could lead to decreased male fertility, lack of sexual interest, and other problems that impact a man’s ability to conceive and perhaps perform.

Issues with Ejaculation

Various problems with ejaculation can limit the amount of sperm and semen expelled from the penis after orgasm. In the case of retrograde ejaculation, for instance, semen winds up in a man’s own bladder rather than exiting through their penis.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction affects many men at some point in their lives, though in some cases the ED is persistent. It’s estimated that 5 percent of all men who are 40 or younger suffer from complete erectile dysfunction. If you are unable to become erect or maintain an erection to engage in sexual intercourse to completion, there is no chance of successful pregnancy.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol use has been linked to lower testosterone production, which can contribute to poor sperm count and quality as well as erectile dysfunction. If you’re struggling with conceiving, try abstaining from alcohol for a bit.

Tobacco Products

Smoking and the use of chewing tobacco are linked to cancer and countless other health problems. It turns out that tobacco products can also impact your sperm count. Consider this yet another compelling reason to kick the habit.

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