LGBT Family Planning Services

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The doctors and fertility specialists at Fertility Center of San Antonio in San Antonio, TX, understand the unique needs of LGBTQ couples who are wishing to become parents. Whether you are a gay or lesbian couple, our fertility center has more than 30 years of experience helping families of all backgrounds with LGBT family planning services.

Our LGBT family services include:

No matter what your LGBT family planning needs are, our caring doctors and staff can recommend and guide you through a customized fertility treatment.

Family Building for Lesbians

We have many years of experience helping lesbian couples conceive a child through artificial insemination or IVF. Artificial insemination is an important part of LGBT family planning involving these solutions. IVF allows for the use of donor sperm and the eggs from one or both partners. We can also coordinate egg donation, if necessary. Each couple will have the option of deciding which sperm donor to use, and the fertilized embryo can be placed in either or both partners. Once the embryo has been placed, our fertility specialists will be able to provide further treatments to ensure that the pregnancy comes to term and a healthy baby boy or girl is delivered.

Family Building for Gay Men

As with heterosexual couples, we recommend that both male partners are tested for fertility before treatment begins. This advanced testing allows our male patients to ensure that their reproductive organs are functioning properly. Then, we will guide the couple through the process of choosing an egg donor (through an egg donor or egg bank) and a suitable gestational carrier (surrogate). Once the viability of one or both partners’ sperm is established, one of our doctors can use IVF or another solution to create an embryo, which can be transplanted to a surrogate's uterus. 

With more than 30 years of experience, you can trust our caring and compassionate team to recommend the right fertility treatment to match your personal goals and needs.

Your Consultation

During your initial consultation at our San Antonio fertility center, one of our doctors will review both partners’ medical histories while listening to your family planning goals. Potential treatment options and costs will be discussed before diagnostic tests are scheduled and any treatment begins. Our practice can help you find gestational carriers as well as egg and sperm donors. With more than 30 years of experience, you can trust our caring and compassionate team to recommend the right fertility treatment to match your personal goals and needs.

Work with a Trusted Practice

We understand that every hopeful parent has unique concerns and goals. Our center is known for taking a personalized approach to family planning with a high success rate. We have a team that can assist you at every step along the way. If you have concerns about the affordability of family planning services, we offer financing options through Prosper Healthcare Lending and Lending Club Patient Solutions. To schedule your LGBT family planning consultation, please reach our San Antonio office online or call (210) 692-0577.

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