Eeva Is The First And Only FDA Cleared Embryo Viability Test Now Available 

We are excited to announce that the Fertility Center of San Antonio is the only clinic in Texas offering the first and only FDA cleared test for evaluating embryo viability, the Eeva Test. 


During standard in vitro fertilization, embryologists in the IVF laboratory remove embryos from the incubator at various times and examine them under a microscope to see how they are growing.  From these "snap shots", embryos are evaluated for both growth and appearance and the "best" appearing embryos are then selected for transfer into the patient.  But over the past several years, we have learned it is the timing of certain critical events during early development, in addition to morphology (appearance), that predicts continued developmental potential and implantation.  With the Eeva Test, embryos are grown on small time lapse microscopes contained within the incubator and development is measured without disturbing the embryos or the environment in which they are grown.  The Eeva Test automatically measures the duration of crucial cell divisions and scores each embryo as either meeting the correct timetables (Eeva "high") or not (Eeva "low").  We then use the Eeva score as additional information, along with classical measures of morphology, to select embryos with the highest potential for implantation for transfer. 


In a recent clinical trial, 700 embryos were evaluated by five embryologists from five different clinics using embryo morphology alone compared to using morphology together with Eeva Test results. When the Eeva Test was used together with traditional visual evaluation, the participating embryologists increased their ability to accurately predict embryo potential development by an average of 53%, compared to traditional methods alone.

More recently, the IVF laboratory team at the Fertility Center of San Antonio participated in a nationwide study of the effectiveness of the Eeva Test, used in conjunction with standard evaluation criteria.  We compared pregnancy rates from patients receiving only Eeva "low" embryos at transfer to those that received at least one Eeva "high" embryo.  While having only Eeva "low" embryos does not mean that patients won't get pregnancy from IVF - in fact, in our study 50% did.  But those that received at least one Eeva "high" embryo had an ongoing pregnancy/delivery rate of 73%, a 23% increase over those with only Eeva "low" embryos.


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We have well over a year and a half worth of  experience with Eeva in our clinical setting and the results speak for themselves.  This has given us confidence in the power of the Eeva Test as a valuable, objective tool for gaining unique information that helps us to select embryos for transfer with greater confidence.


The Eeva Test is prescribed by your doctor at the Fertility Center of San Antonio, who will discuss all the potential benefits and risks. Please talk to your doctor to see if the Eeva Test is right for you. You can also learn more by contacting the Fertility Center of San Antonio by phone or our contact form below

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