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An introduction to becoming an FCSA egg donor

Fertility Center of San Antonio (FCSA) matches potential egg donors with recipient couples who are infertile due to certain medical conditions. Depending on several factors, donated eggs can be used to create embryos carried either by an intended mother or a surrogate.

Some women have the capability of carrying a pregnancy but have been unable to conceive due to conditions such as premature menopause, genetic disorders or failure to produce normal eggs.

The identity of an egg donor and the recipient couple are not known to each other. Any information provided is on an anonymous basis.

Potential donors that meet the program criteria will be included on our “Donor List”. Some donors are asked to participate immediately, while others may not be selected for several months.

Qualified egg donors following all terms of the program are compensated.

Egg Donor Qualifications

Egg donors are healthy volunteers between the ages of 21 and 30 who ovulate normally. Women approved for our program have a normal health history and they have no psychological illness or family history of genetic disorders. An egg donor must have a normal physical examination, laboratory screening for ovarian function and test negative for all sexually transmitted diseases. All screening must be completed at our facility.

Program Coordination

The recruitment of egg donors is under the direction of Joseph E Martin MD. The nursing staff works closely with Dr. Martin to match donors with recipients.

Egg Donor Screening

Once your questionnaire is received, you will be contacted by a nurse to begin the screening process. You will be asked to come to our office for an interview and physical exam.

Important aspects of egg donation are discussed at this meeting. Topics include our protocol, medications, the procedure, and the risks of egg donation.

Donor pictures are viewed in our office under staff supervision.


Since the medication you will be taking enhances fertility, you must consistently use a barrier method of contraception or abstinence during your egg donation cycle.

Egg Donation Cycle

Testing is critical to the success of this process. It is extremely important that you have reliable transportation and a flexible schedule so you may be monitored appropriately.

To inquire about becoming an egg donor, please email Kris Dempsey, RN or call her in our office.

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