When a woman or couple decides that egg donation is the right path forward in their journey to having children, selecting an egg donor is an important decision. At Fertility Center of San Antonio, our doctors can help with the selection process and all other aspects of the donation process.

Before choosing an egg donor, it must be determined if the woman considering carrying a donor egg is an ideal recipient. Our doctors provide consultations to determine which patients are ideal egg donor recipients at our practice in San Antonio, TX. To find out if you’re an ideal candidate or for more information about egg donation, we welcome you to schedule a consultation.

Who Are Ideal Egg Donor Recipients?

Egg donation makes it possible for women who may not be able to have biological children of their own experience pregnancy and childbirth.

There are many reasons using donor eggs might be the right choice for our San Antonio patients. Ideal recipients include those who identify with one or more of the following considerations.

Women Over the Age of 40

As women age, the number and quality of her eggs decreases. By the time a woman reaches her 40s, she may still have many eggs and may be able to become pregnant, but the risk of chromosomal abnormalities increases. Even when undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF), genetic screenings may find that all of her embryos are abnormal.

Because of this, many women over the age of 40 are ideal candidates to receive donor eggs.

Women With a Decreased Ovarian Reserve

Women with a low ovarian reserve, meaning they have too few eggs or poor quality of eggs, may have difficulty getting pregnant on their own or may not release enough eggs for IVF treatment even with fertility medications.

Women with low ovarian reserves may be ideal candidates for receiving donor eggs.

Women Who Carry Certain Genetic Conditions

Other women who may be ideal egg donor recipients include those who carry certain genetic disorders that they fear passing to their biological children.

State of Your General Health

Women who wish to become pregnant with a donor egg should be in good general health to reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy.

Ideal recipients should also understand the emotional implications of using donor eggs. Recipients should be open to speaking with a psychologist or counselor as this often beneficial for those who are considering using a donor egg.

Male Egg Donor Recipients

Although men cannot carry a donor egg, there are circumstances in which men may be the recipients of donor eggs. Most commonly, this would be men without a partner or a same-sex male couple.

Male egg donor recipients may need to undergo sperm analysis to determine whether they have enough sperm to fertilize the egg.

Are You an Ideal Egg Donor Recipient?

For answers to your questions about egg donation, or to find out if you are an ideal recipient, call our San Antonio practice at (210) 692-0577 to schedule a consultation.